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Accessing the neighborhood

To help with security, illegal parking and reduce traffic, Westgate and Limits Street gates street are semi-permanently locked; pedestrian gates at Westgate and Limits require a code for access to the Loop. The gate codes are:   

Westgate:     65241
Limits Walk:  5241

Center Gate is mechanized and Parkview Residents may purchase remote openers (clickers) for $50 each (non-refundable). Also at least twice per year, Agents and the gate company will be on-site to program cars with built-in openers (also $50 per vehicle). Please contact Agent, Sean Ebling if you would like to take advantage of this service and/or need to purchase a remote opener. Please do not attempt to exit the gate when it is closing. Several residents have sustained severe damage to their vehicles when attempting to do so.

Parking stickers are provided to residents and should be placed bottom right (passenger side) of the front windscreen. Please contact Cindy Knight if you need additional stickers for all of your vehicles.