We welcome you to Parkview and look forward to having you as our neighbor. Parkview is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and, as a neighborhood, we strive to preserve our natural and architectural heritage.

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New neighbors: please send us an email to Parkview12Agents@gmail.com giving us your names, address, phone number (for the phone list), and best email address, so we can add you to our blast emails and newsletter mailing lists.

Our Indentures Restrict Property Use  

Parkview is governed by our 1905 Indentures that carry restrictions for altering or using your property.  Parkview's founders clearly sought to preserve the special nature of the neighborhood.  A few of the most commonly addressed issues are quoted from the Indentures (italics) below.  Please consult the Indentures or ask an agent if you have questions. Below you can click on the image and download the corresponding document. You can also search a transcript.

1905 Parkview Indenture

1905 Parkview Indenture

Supplemental Agreement - Indenture

Supplemental Agreement - Indenture

  • No house shall be used directly or indirectly for any purpose other than that of an exclusive private residence.

  • No house may be used as a flat or apartment house, or by more than one family. Note: This prohibits renting rooms in your home and/or renting-out a carriage house behind your home.

  • No house on any of said lots shall be used directly or indirectly for business (except that a physician or dentist residing therein may have his office and practice his profession in his residence). Note: Today, we include other sole-practitioners who practice their profession from a home office as part of this exception. However, using a home for short-term rentals or running a business with employees would be interpreted as using the home as a business and violate this clause of the indentures.

Historic Renovation Guidelines

Both University City and the City of St. Louis have guidelines for the renovation of historic property (see Historic Preservation Building Codes).  We urge you to also check City websites to better understand those requirements.  As a short summary, the following guidelines may be of some help:

  • The front face of the house may not be changed without the approval of trustees and the appropriate city historic review. This includes front porches and windows.

  • All exterior permits first require the signature of two Parkview Agents.

  • All fences require a permit, whether it’s a new fence or a replacement. Fences cannot be built in front of the building line (normally the rear wall of the house).

  • No satellite dishes, solar panels or antennae may be mounted on the front face of the house or roof. Solar panels should not be visible from the street.

  • Dumpsters should be removed at the earliest possible opportunity during construction. University City maintains a 60-day policy.

  • If portable bathrooms are provided during construction, they must be placed in the backyard of the property.

  • There is a two-week limit for PODS and other storage containers.

  • Alley Maintenance: Each home owns the section of alley directly behind their property to the midpoint. This means that owners are responsible for keeping their alley free of leaves, weeds and debris. It also means that if neighbors on both sides of a block of the alley agree to repair that alley, all owners will be assessed for their portion of the repair costs.

Annual Neighborhood Assessment

Parkview homeowners pay an annual assessment based on the front footage of their lots.  This assessment is used to pay for important neighborhood services like street paving and maintenance, park upkeep, tree trimming, street lighting, security, etc.  Assessments are due by January 1 for the coming calendar year.  
The annual assessment may be changed, or a special assessment levied, by the affirmative vote or other agreement of the owners of a major part of the lots in Parkview.
Late Payments:  Delinquent assessments are subject to interest and/or late charges of 9% per annum.  Past due accounts exceeding $1,500 are subject to a lien, and will be charged a lien release fee (currently $350). 
Selling Your Home:  Those selling their homes will be required by their Title Company to provide a letter from the Agents attesting to assessment payment.  Any past due amounts must be paid before title can pass to new owners.  For information contact Parkview12Agents@gmail.com.


Agents:  Parkview is governed by a group at least nine (currently 12) elected agents who are property owners, with at least one agent from each of the six streets in Parkview.  Agents are elected for three-year terms and may serve no more than two terms.  The position is voluntary.  Agents are responsible for contracting for materials and services appropriate to maintain Parkview and carrying out the purposes and requirements of the Indenture, and may disburse funds for any and all such purposes.  The agents also shall contract for appropriate insurance to protect the subdivision and lot owners against claims arising out of use of the streets, walks, alleys, parks and areas of common use and other potential liabilities from the operation of the subdivision.  

If you are interested in serving as an elected Agent, please contact one of the Agents directly or email us at Parkview12Agents@gmail.com.

Annual Meeting:  Each year Parkview holds an annual meeting for lot owners on the third Monday in May where Agents report on the state of Parkview and the collection and disbursement of assessments.  All residents are urged to attend.  

Streets & Gates

As a private subdivision, Parkview maintains its own streets, sidewalks and gates.  From time to time, the Agents may determine it necessary for the safety of residents to close or open certain gates.

Street Gate at Center:  Residents of Parkview may obtain clicker gate openers for the drive-through Center Gate by calling or emailing the Agent in charge of gates.

Pedestrian Gates:  Pedestrian gates leading to Delmar Boulevard are opened by using a code.  Please inform Agents at Parkview12Agents@gmail.com if you notice the gates are improperly functioning.