Information (A to Z)


Alley maintenance is the responsibility of homeowners.  Each homeowner owns their alley to the midpoint.  Please keep your alley clean, free of leaves, dirt, weeds and debris at all times.  Note that our alleys are paved with the original hydraulic pressed bricks, keeping them weed-free will reduce maintenance costs.  Replacing them with concrete or asphalt is unacceptable.  From time to time lot owners may vote to undertake a repair to their alley;  if the majority agree, all lot owners backing up to that alley will be assessed for the repairs.

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of Parkview lot owners is usually held on the third Monday of May at 7 pm in the meeting hall of Grace Methodist Church (Skinker & Waterman).  All are urged to attend.


Annual Assessments are due by January 1 for the coming calendar year and are considered late if not received by January 31.  This assessment is used to pay for important neighborhood services like street paving and maintenance, park upkeep, tree trimming, street lighting, security, etc.  
The annual assessment may be changed, or a special assessment levied, by the affirmative vote or other agreement of the owners of a major part of the lots in Parkview. Late Payments:  Delinquent assessments are subject to interest and/or late charges of 9% per annum.  Past due accounts exceeding $1,500 are subject to a lien, and will be charged a lien release fee (currently $350). 


Residents may access Newsletters, Phone Lists, our Calendar of Events, etc. in the Resident Login area.  If you are new to the neighborhood you should receive this and other valuable information in your welcome packet.   Also, please email the Agents at with your name, address and phone number to be added to the neighborhood blast emails, which notify residents of events, leaf pick-ups, security issues, etc.

Also, Parkview is now using Nextdoor, the social media network for neighborhoods. On our Nextdoor site, neighbors can share contractor recommendations, post items for sale, make new connections, discuss Parkview events and more. Over 150 Parkview residents have already joined and if you haven't yet, we hope you will consider it. If so, BE SURE TO JOIN THE PRIVATE PARKVIEW GROUP under Skinker DeBaliviere, where only verified Parkview neighbors can post/view messages.  Join the private Nextdoor Parkview Group HERE.


Parkview hosts several neighborhood events throughout the year. These events are designed to bring our community together. Each year we have a Progressive Dinner, Spring Egg hunt, Summer BBQ, Outdoor Movie Night, Chili Cook-Off & Hayrides, and Holiday Social & Carriage Rides. 


Front. No fence, wall, or hedge may be erected in front of the building line. Earth-retaining walls located in front of building lines shall be faced in brick or stone and must not exceed two (2) feet high.

Side. No side fences or walls may be erected in front of the rear edge of the house (Side fences are not permitted between houses) . When prominently visible from the street, fences should be of wood, stone, brick, brick faced concrete, ornamental iron, or dark painted chain link. Side fences shall be limited to six (6) feet high.

Location. Use your lot survey to ensure any new fence is located on your property and does not extend onto an Alley or Walkway delineated on the Parkview Plat. Our Indentures consider these “forever easements” for use by all Parkview residents.

Permits. St. Louis City does not require a permit for replacement of existing fencing, same height, material and location in the rear or side yards. University City requires a building permit for the erection of a new fence, a replacement fence or replacement of a section of a fence that is greater than ten feet in length. Parkview Agents must sign off before a permit can be issued. Please allow at least a week and send a copy of your lot survey with fence proposal.

Gates, Codes and Clickers

To help with security, illegal parking and reduce traffic, Westgate and Limits Street gates street are semi-permanently locked;  pedestrian gates at Westgate and Limits require a code for access to the Loop (see Residents' Login page for codes).  

Center Gate is mechanized and Parkview Residents may purchase remote openers (clickers) for $50 each (non-refundable).  Also at least twice per year, Agents and the gate company will be on-site to program cars with built-in openers (also $50 per vehicle).  Email the Agents if you would like to take advantage of this service.  Please do not attempt to exit the gate when it is closing.  Several residents have sustained severe damage to their vehicles when attempting to do so.


Parkview is governed by our 1905 Indentures that carry restrictions for altering or using your property.  Parkview's founders clearly sought to preserve the special nature of the neighborhood. Please consult the Indentures or ask an agent if you have questions. Download the Indentures:

1905 Parkview Indenture and 1966 Supplement to Indenture.  

A few of the most commonly addressed issues are quoted from the Indentures (italics) below:  

  • No house shall be used directly or indirectly for any purpose other than that of an exclusive private residence.

  • No house may be used as a flat or apartment house, or by more than one family. Note: This prohibits renting rooms in your home and/or renting-out a carriage house behind your home.

  • No house on any of said lots shall be used directly or indirectly for business (except that a physician or dentist residing therein may have his office and practice his profession in his residence). Note: Today, we include other sole-practitioners who practice their profession from a home office as part of this exception. However, using a home for short-term rentals or running a business with employees would be interpreted as using the home as a business and violate this clause of the indentures.

    Original 1905 Parkview Survey

Parking and Illegally Parked Cars

No public parking is permitted in Parkview. To ensure that all cars parked on our streets belong to Parkview residents, stickers are provided. These should be placed in the lower right corner of your windshield. Please call any of the Agents if you are in need of a sticker.   Click for a printable Notice for Illegally Parked Cars, you can place on the windshield of an illegally parked car.  If a car appears abandoned, report to the appropriate police:  Saint Louis City Police at  314-231-1212 or University City Police at  314-725-2211.  Note:  In University City you will receive a ticket if you are parked facing the wrong way on the street.

Porch Lights: on from Dusk to Dawn

In Parkview, we have a decades-old tradition of keeping our front porch lights on all night for neighborhood safety.  Please do your part in lighting up Parkview.  Many of us just leave our front lights on 24/7 to ensure adequate light in the neighborhood at night.  Also, if you plan to be away, purchase timers and have your lights turn on and off in various parts of your home.

Renovation Guidelines and Required Approvals

Both University City and the City of St. Louis have guidelines for the renovation of historic property (See Historic Preservation Building Codes).  We urge you to check their websites to better understand those requirements.  Renovation etiquette means that you are considerate of your neighbors, talk to them before renovation starts to address their concerns, ensure your contractors park only in front of your house, that they properly dispose of trash, etc. As a short summary, the following guidelines may be of some help:

  • The front face of the house may not be changed without the approval of Parkview Agents and the appropriate city historic review. This includes front porches and windows.

  • All exterior permits first require the signature of two Parkview Agents. Contact agents on the Building Committee for review.

  • Fences usually require a permit, whether it’s a new fence or a replacement. Fences cannot be built in front of the building line (normally the rear wall of the house). Submit your plan with your lot survey to the Parkview Agents for prior approval.

  • No satellite dishes, solar panels or antennae may be mounted on the front face of the house or roof. Solar panels should not be visible from the street.

  • Dumpsters should be removed at the earliest possible opportunity during construction. University City maintains a 60-day policy.

  • If portable bathrooms are provided during construction, they must be placed in the backyard of the property.

  • There is a two-week limit for PODS and other storage containers that sit in front of a house.


See our Security Pages.

Selling your home

We'll miss you, but if you must leave Parkview please provide new buyers with a link to the Indentures.  And note that your Title Company will require a letter from the Agents attesting to assessment payment. Any past due amounts must be paid before title can pass to new owners.  For information contact Also, leave new owners with your clicker for the gates.

Skinker DeBaliviere Neighborhood

Parkview is a member of the Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council, which was established in 1966 when several area churches came together with Washington University, Rosedale Neighbors and Washington Heights in order to improve the neighborhood. The Council is dedicated to the ongoing improvement of the neighborhood, and works with City of St. Louis, neighbors and the Alderman to identify, assess, and resolve immediate concerns.   Parkview has two representatives on the Council.  It’s board meets the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the council office located at 6008 Kingsbury. All Council meetings are open to the public, and all residents are welcome to attend. Visit their website for more information.

Streets, Sidewalks and Special Closings

As a private subdivision, Parkview maintains its own streets, sidewalks and gates.  At least once each year all streets are chained for a 24-hour period.  This is to maintain the status of a private street.  The schedule for these closings is published in the newsletter and a reminder is sent via email.  


The Streetlights in Parkview are owned by the neighborhood and maintained with annual assessments.  

Swimming Pools

Please do not drain pools into the alley.  This causes problems for your neighbors down-alley and adds strain to the storm drain systems.  Please try and use the storm drains on your property.


Original 1905 Parkview Survey
2003 Survey of Parkview Boundaries

Trees and Parks

See Trees and Parks pages.

Trash Recycling, Yard Waste Collection

City of St. Louis residents have separate dumpsters for trash and yard waste (S. Pershing residents have roll-out carts).  The city also schedules bulky-item pick-ups.  See their website for specifics:  At least once per year, the Agents will arrange leaf pick-up for city residents;  watch for emails from

University City provides a calendar to residents that includes info on trash and dumpsters, bulky-item pick-up, recycling, yard debris and scheduled leaf pick-ups.  See their website:,

Please observe rules posted on dumpsters, and observe dumpster etiquette -- do not overfill or dump hazardous materials.  If dumpster is full, do NOT place refuse adjacent to dumpster.  Also note that it is a violation of both U CIty and St. Louis CIty ordinances for contractors to use alley dumpsters.  Homeowners having work done can rent a dumpster from their city or from a local hauling firm. 

University City Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)

The HPC is an advisory body, providing recommendations on historic preservation issues to the Department of Community Development whose staff is responsible for enforcing the ordinances relating to historic landmarks and districts.  Parkview is one of several Historic Districts.  The Commission consists of nine members, appointed by the University City Council.  It usually meets on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm in City Hall.  More information about the commission’s activities and responsibilities can be found at,