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Parkview's Garden Club (Parkview Horticultural Society) was founded in October 1993 by a group of residents who shared an interest in gardening. Through the years the group has shared the love of gardening by meetings featuring presentations on gardening-related topics. We also sponsor a variety of projects: a holiday party, plant exchanges, garden walks and field trips. 

General Information

We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from September through May. Anyone in Parkview with an interest in gardening, eating fabulous desserts or just getting to know some new neighbors is welcome.  Please feel free to join us for any meeting during the season. We gather at 7 pm; at 7:15 we hear an update of current activities; followed by the speaker and program at 7:30. Voluntary dues of $50 per annum per household underwrite the speakers' fees and other costs. 

You need not be an experienced gardener to participate in our group. Our men and women members range from those who are planning their first garden to Master Gardeners whose gardens are showcases for their talents. Two members' gardens were on the Missouri Botanical Gardens Tour in the spring of 2005. Several members' gardens were included in U City in Bloom's Fall Garden Tour in 2015. Others have been awarded prizes and featured in publications such as the Post Dispatch and St. Louis Home and Lifestyles Magazine. We have a rich store of expertise to share. However there is absolutely no need to be intimidated... we're casual and lots of fun.

Any questions, please email Judith Giraud -

Officers for 2018-2019:

President:  Kristina Stierholz
Vice President: Deanne Flatley
Secretary:   Claudia Mink-Horn
Treasurer:  MJ Suppiger
Programs:  Ann Robison, Karen Spreitler & Marshall Crosby Communication, Trees and Parks: Judith Giraud
Archivist:  Chris Kirmaier
Special Events:  Ann Robison & Claudia Mink-Horn


The mission of the Parkview Horticultural Society is to be a forum for sharing gardening information as well as enhancing friendships within our community.